Tuesday, January 9, 2007

2007 Design and Development Emergency Kit

So having been away from the office for three weeks, I was mildly surprised to find that someone left a present for me on my desk. It's a zip-lock baggie (with a little Santa Claus on it) that contains some goodies, and a damned funny little explanatory note. You can see the picture here, but just in case you can't make out exactly what the text says, I'll transcribe it...


2007 Design and Development Emergency Kit

To prepare for cuts and bruises from continued use of bleeding-edge technology, you will find the following:

* 1 Band-aid - for the nicks and cuts you may endure next year
* 1 quarter - for the headache or ulcer medicine of choice. See the medicine dispenser in L-1 or in other Corporate South Locations
* 2 pieces of chocolate - for its anti-oxidant & pick-me-up properties for those days when you're just feeling down or depressed


At first glance, I immediately assumed the quarter must be for "calling someone who cares" - but apparently that's just the obnoxious New Yorker inside me talking.

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