Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weird news-happenings from all over...

- Apparently, New Yorkers drive too damned much
- New York City is implementating technology that will allow people to send digital images to 911 and 311 call centers
- The President's people don't read articles about early childhood education
- Four powerful Senators are living in what sounds like a political frat house...
- Some photographer guy in Illinois wants to make a calendar featuring The Women of State Farm
- Some dude rode a stationary bike for 85 straight hours to set a world record
- Texas and Connecticut are dualing over where the hamburger was invtented
- Folks in Oklahoma are digging up a car that they buried 50 years ago as a time capsule Nobody knows if it will start who who will own it...
- Example of a very stupid law that is still on the books: In North Dakota, it's illegal to play house
- There is a claymation movie about how 'Nazis are uncool'
- People in Athens still worship Zeus
- Eritcha found an old-lady-style music video

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